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Ever been in a situation, be it a relationship, friendship, or job, that was no good for you?  Everyone other than you knew you could do better and encouraged you to move on.  But for reasons that were oblivious to you at the time, you remained.  I’ve had my fair share of experiences such as these.  In my latest article for MUSED, “I Was Too Blind To See,” I talk about a past relationship that had run its course.  I ignored all the signs.  Yet, I stayed… And paid dearly for it.  But as I say in the article, “I’m grateful because that experience was crucial to bringing me forward.”  To learn more, read the article on MUSED.

Major thanks and props to Drew-Shane Daniels, Neo Huxtable and the MUSED family for featuring the article!

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The Love I Never Had

The love I never had was a love I searched for,
Longed for,
But could never seem to find.

The love I never had was a love that I tried to find in
     so many others
But time and time again,
No one could hold or fulfill this need.

The love I never had proved to be the love I thought
     I never had
Because it couldn’t be found anywhere else or inside of
     another being.
This love could only be found inside of me.

For the love I thought I never had was a love
    I always had within me.

© BuddahDesmond

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