Coming Up From the Downside: Finding Joy in Our Song

Coming Up From the Downside: Finding Joy in Our Song by Buddah Desmond is a collection of poetry about adversity, healing, and resilience. As the saying goes, “Life be lifing.” At different points, we encounter challenges, trials, and tribulations. Expected and unexpected. Some we may be equipped to face. Others we have to figure out as we go along. It’s not easy, but we find a way to pull through. 

Be it pain, grief, depression, health, heartbreak, or other issues, we overcome. Thanks in large part to faith, real love, and the joy that sustains us through it all. Cause being down is a temporary state. We’re not letting the downside claim us. We’re getting up. Coming up from the downside.

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Everything I Miss(ed) At Home

Home is more than a place. More than where you live. It’s both tangible and intangible. Literal and proverbial. It can be temporary or long-lasting. But all in all, home is a necessity. Home is essential.

The poetry in Everything I Miss(ed) At Home dives into the meaning of home. The place(s) we call home. Those we find (or don’t find) within our families, friends, communities, and most importantly, within ourselves. There are points in our journey when home may come into question. When we’re lost… When we’re trying to find our way… When we have to create home elsewhere. In our most intimate relationships, we can often find or create home within others. What happens when the home we found in others no longer feels like home? Do we stay? Do we work it out? Or do we walk away?

The journey, whether going back home or creating / finding a new home, is one of great transition and transformation. So many priceless lessons are learned along the way. Reflections remind us of all we loved, all we cherished, all we lost, all we gained, all we took for granted, and all we miss(ed). One thing’s for sure, when we’re home—everything will make sense again…  Everything will feel right in the world again.

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shifting from the inside out: love poems

Cover of shifting from the inside out: love poems by Buddah Desmond

Here’s to love!

This collection features some of my favorite love poems from two previous projects, Exotic Shifter and From The Inside Out: A Poetry Collection, along with some new poems. The title serves as a play on both titles, but also brings home the notion that love manifests itself from the inside out. Love is every bit of an inside job.

When you’re able to love and be loved, and do it freely, it changes you. You will never be the same.

Divine. Powerful. Miraculous. Life changing. World shaping. Beautiful. Love is all of these things and more.

Here’s to love, always!

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From The Inside Out: A Poetry Collection

Love manifests from within. It is transformative. It is a metamorphosis. When we love, we are changed. Forever changed. We cannot say we have truly, deeply, freely loved, if we are not in some way changed. However, it is impossible to love and embrace love until we begin the journey of loving ourselves.

From The Inside Out: A Poetry Collection examines the power of love and its impact on our lives. When combined with action, commitment, faith, hope, persistence, and pride, love can transform our relationships, our communities, our world, and each of us. We can find “Glory” when we “lose [ourselves] in the beauty and wonder of life and love.”

As these poems illustrate, this journey may require a little work, a little discovery, and some growing pains…. For love is an inside job. And we love from the inside out.

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Exotic Shifter (chapbook)

Exotic Shifter is primarily about love and relationships. As my grandmother says, “Love is a metamorphosis.” Love changes things… Well, love changes everything. It’s impossible that we go through life loving anything or anyone (ourselves, others, our communities) without being changed. The poems featured in Exotic Shifter examine the transformative power of love (and/or how we can be transformed once we learn to love ourselves and others better).

Prevail: Poems on Life, Love, and Politics

Prevail: Poems on Life, Love, and Politics presents an eye-opening collection of poetry inspired by personal experiences, current events, history, culture, and social issues. This collection provides a glimpse into the mind of Buddah Desmond as he investigates our contemporary world. Written over the course of the last decade, these poems serve as an introduction to Buddah Desmond’s range, voice, and style.

Prevail is divided into three sections—life, love, and politics, each of which provides the author with an opportunity to thoroughly dissect his thoughts and feelings on each topic. “Life” challenges the notion of living happily ever after, considers the struggles of dysfunctional families, and shares the perspective of a laggard in a high-tech world. “Love” discusses the power of real, true love, the up and downs of relationships, and the difficulty finding a mate in the technosexual age. “Politics” explores the power of rhetoric and the underhanded maneuvering of politicians, as well as providing perspectives on many contemporary issues.

In this new collection, Buddah Desmond seeks to offer an underlying message of strength, persistence, and triumph.

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