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SOUL Issue Ten | Featured Poetry: We Are Art, So Rich, Everything But…, Cold In The Afterglow (It Ain’t Love), Lingering, and Masters Of The Fire by Buddah Desmond | Lulu –

Vocal Expressions | National Poetry Month Poet Feature: Buddah Desmond + Featured Poetry: The Words We Used To Say and BLACK NATION –

Liquid Cat Quarterly | Volume 1 – Featured Poetry: A Song From You (Forever Changed) and Version Control by Buddah Desmond – Amazon  |  Liquid Cat Books: Paperback  |  eBook



Profiles, Features, and Interviews

The PBS Blog | Introducing Buddah Desmond: Yecheilyah’s 5th Annual Poetry Contest 2022 (w/ Ghosts, Ghostbusting History + Visible / Invisible Lives (Freedom is Ours) by Buddah Desmond) –

Vocal Expressions | National Poetry Month Poet Feature: Buddah Desmond –

Osamasetorbest I Bankruptcy (A Conceit) by Buddah Desmond –


Profiles, Features, and Interviews

Mixed Mag | The Daily Motions by Buddah Desmond –

Osamasetorbest I Couch Session (Today Is Not That Day) by Buddah Desmond 

sana, sana – volume 1 | Featured Poetry: Drifting, A Meeting With My Pain, and The War Chose Me by Buddah Desmond


Profiles, Features, and Interviews

Team Rayceen | YouTube Live: BuddahDesmond –

Osamasetorbest | BLACK NATION by Buddah Desmond – 

No Line Left Behind | Feature Friday: Buddah Desmond, Home (Don’t Give Up)

LitMag 2020 (Poetry Feature: Claiming Victory) –


Profiles, Features, and Interviews

Yecheilyah’s 3rd Annual Poetry Contest Spotlight 2019: Buddah Desmond – 

MelaNation | Issue No. 4: “sex n’ stuff” (Poetry Feature: The Best Thing, My Love) –


Profiles, Features, and Interviews

MelaNation | Issue No. 1: “agitate the administration” (Poetry Feature: Our World and When Freedom Called (The Fallout)) –



2025 Solutions, LLC:  The Path to Publishing: 7 Lessons Learned –


Profiles, Features, and Interviews

MOOV Magazine:  Winter Issue 2013 –

Interview –

Poetry Feature:  Prevail

Independent Author Index [IAI] –


MUSED Magazine Online

Why Enforcing A ‘Dress Code’ Was A Good Move For The Grammys (2/12/2013) –

‘Just Been Tested,’ Social Network Promotes STI/HIV Testing & Awareness (2/20/2013) –

Nielsen Study Highlights Shopping Habits, Buying Power of LGBT Community (2/27/2013) –

Upgraded Charges In FAMU Robert Champion’s Hazing Death Case (3/08/2013) –

Looking For Black Leadership? The Savior Lies Within (3/11/2013) –

Should We Ditch ‘LGBT’ For ‘GSD’ (Gender And Sexual Diversities)? (3/15/2013) –

Say What? More Republicans Coming Out In Support Of Marriage Equality (3/18/2013) –

‘Pause,’ Short Film Encourages Contemplation Before Decision-Making (VIDEO) (3/18/2013) –

‘Truth. Be. Told.,’ Refreshing New Docu-series Highlights Black Queer Visionaries (3/25/2013) –

Welcomed Return Of The Critically Acclaimed ‘The DL Chronicles’ Series (VIDEO) (3/27/2013) –

Where Dr. Ben Carson Linking Gay Marriage To Bestiality Went Wrong (4/03/2013) –

Study Finds Same-Sex Marriage Decreases Mortality Rate For Men (4/08/2013) –

Ain’t Nobody’s Business: Coming Out On Our Own Time (4/09/2013) –

Does The GOP REALLY Want Your Vote? (4/15/2013) –

John Legend Developing HBO Series ‘Down Lo’ Following Closeted Gay Rapper (4/22/2013) –

Still NO Answers In The Marco McMillian Case (7/31/2013) –

I Was Too Blind To See (10/29/2013) –


Profiles, Features, and Interviews

5 Minutes, 5 Questions…with BuddahDesmond –

YouTube Trailer –

Black Authors Network (BAN) Radio Interview – “Once Upon a EDC Holiday” 12/10/2012

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