The P/H Factor – Phyllis Hyman: Tribute to a Sophisticated Lady

Gonna make changes
Gonna make minds aware
Moving together
Willing to share
There’s power in the masses
Collectively we can win

~ Phyllis Hyman, “Gonna Make Changes”, Somewhere In My Lifetime, 1978
I couldn’t let this week end without paying tribute to one of my all-time favorite vocalists, the late, great Phyllis Hyman (July 6, 1949 – June 30, 1995). The music industry hasn’t been the same since her untimely passing. If you are unfamiliar with her music – do yourself a favor and please check it out. It’s a rarity even to this day that someone comes along as gifted and talented as Hyman was. The singer, songwriter, model, actress and businesswoman would’ve turned 59 this year.

The P/H Factor

The angel with the resonant, rich, beautiful voice;
The Goddess of Love,
Commanding the stage like a queen;
Regal, striking, almost intimidating,
Queen of the blues, pop, soul, jazz, and gospel.
A true Sophisticated Lady,
In a class of her own,
In fact, ahead of her time;
Critically acclaimed yet under-recognized,
A mind-blowing woman with many talents
Who never achieved the stardom she truly deserved.
Yet, she is a legend.

Although you’re no longer with us in the physical sense,
Your spirit lives on in your music.
Each time one of your songs plays, you are born again.
We relive the joy and wonder in our memories of you.
You touched us deeply
With your songs of love—
About its many facets, the ups and downs, the joys and the pain.
You took us there;
We were with you each step of the way.
With each note on the musical scale
You left us enraptured,
Capturing us in your mesmerizing essence.
You spoke to us and we could definitely relate.
That’s why we will never forget you
And the many gifts you gave to the world.

Phyllis Hyman—the woman, the actress, the fashion model, the singer, the songwriter, and the performer:
You will always remain special,
You will always have a place in our hearts,
And a significant place in history.
One of the world’s most beautiful women, with one of the greatest vocal instruments,
You are truly appreciated.
You will forever go on.

Phyllis, you were and still are loved.

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Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

© 2012 BuddahDesmond


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9 thoughts on “The P/H Factor – Phyllis Hyman: Tribute to a Sophisticated Lady

  1. Wow! This poem was so well done! Bravo! You truly captured the essence of this woman who will be forever remembered, and forever missed! Thank God for her music!

    Rest In Peace, Our Beautiful Songbird!


  2. Thanks for visiting my spot. I loved loved loved Phyllis. When you said…Commanding the stage like a Queen Regal…it took me back to a concert of hers that I attened. That so eloquently described here on stage. I was amazing to watch her.

  3. OMG! man you have brougt back some serious memories. I loved me some Phyllis Hyman. I can remember running into her quite a bit when I resided in Chicago, she performed in Chicago alot before moving to New York.

    I was completing a degree required course the night at school when a roommate came running to me to bring me with the bad news that our gril had died. We cryed all that night and played her music. George still speaks of her often during our conversations.

  4. That was a very nice tribute. The great thing about her works is that once you play a song of hers, it’s like she’s living again.

    It’s amazing how time flies. I still remember waking up that Saturday morning and hearing about her suicide. It was just so sad.

    But she does live on through her songs.

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