Past, Present, and Future

I often wonder if our ancestors are pleased with our progress.
Looking down on us, would they hold their heads high in praise or bow them
down in shame?
Would they feel that everything they fought for was in vain?
Would they feel we are living up to the legacy they’ve left behind?
It’s a valid question, considering the disparities within our community.
There are disconnects between generations and classes,
Between faith and moral values,
Between the revolutionary and the righteous,
Between traditional and unconventional,
Between family and community.
Sometimes it seems like we are ghosts of what we were before.
The shades of greatness remain,
But the people have yet to figure out how to channel its power.
All is not lost, yet not all is fully realized.

I hope that our ancestors have not given up on us, the way we have given up on
each other.
I hope they feel that we all can come together to believe and dream and fight to
win again,
Because it’s there—
It never left.
We were born to survive in even the bleakest situations.
There’s still time to mobilize.
There’s still hope and faith that we can get it together,
and bring everyone to the same place again.

We just can’t forget about what was.
We can’t forget about who fought the many battles and won.
We can’t forget about our ancestors.
We must think of them
Because they are why we are here,
And why we must go on.

© 2012 BuddahDesmond


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  1. love your poetry — very evocative and profound. Hope you don’t mind I have included BuddahDesmond’s Rapture on the Cosmic blogroll at It would be awesome to see Cosmic Rapture ( on the BuddahDesmond’s Rapture blogroll

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