Happiness seems to be a fleeting thing as of late
The closer I get to it the further it seems to move away
I know you can’t find it in others
And it rarely, if ever, can be found in tangible
It’s a right we all have
But many seldom find

In my case
It’s a longing and loneliness that haunts my existence
That nothing seems to distill or quench
I hunger for things I have to wait for
I thirst for a time in my life when I’m completely free
     of the past’s pull and society’s bite
I’m yearning for something I think is simple

I’ve got a history of high expectations and asking for
     too much
And it’s even surprising to me when the conditions
     are met
But this is simple in a conventional and spiritual sense
Nothing too complex
     (or so it seems)

I guess I’ll just have to dig a little deeper
Look inside a little longer
Till I find all that adds up to being

~ BuddahDesmond

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