Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 14


After a long break, here’s are my latest musings on life, love, and politics.

  1. Sometimes we need to be quiet.  We waste a lot of energy filling the space up with our critiques of others and our feelings of how they do things.  If we exchanged the time we spend focusing on others and what they do and applied it to ourselves, there’s no telling what we could do.
  2. Our desires can overrule our frame of mind, judgment–really our lives.  What we deem as commitment and sacrifice could really be selfishness in disguise.  It’s the “I’m-going-to-do-what-I-want-to-do-no-matter-what” syndrome.  While we’re working to achieve our dreams, we must be careful that we don’t push away and alienate the people who’ve been there for us every step of the way.
  3. One of the reasons I believe Zombies are so popular is because of how close our lives relate or resemble theirs.  So many of us are like the living dead (or the “undead”).  We work ourselves and worry ourselves to death.  We’re scared to live the lives we desire.  Complacency brainwashes us.  We’re like machines on autopilot.  Can we really say we’re alive when we’re living a robotic existence?  Can we really say we’re alive when our zest and joy for life is constantly in retreat?
  4. Placing expectations on leaders that are impossible to sustain is foolish.  Leaders have limited power.  Leaders can only go so far if their teams, governing bodies, and/or constituents are unwilling to work with them.  The battle is a losing game without the support of the people.  How soon we forget, support and accountability go both ways.
  5. The stronghold of anger can be deadly if not channeled into positive energy.  Anger is the worst motivator for change that results from vindictive, vengeful, and envious behavior.  Sure, actions resulting in anger may bring you relief.  But the relief is temporary.  We must not succumb to anger’s dictatorship.  Redirect its path into something truly uplifting and positive.
  6. Some of the President’s harshest critics and opponents can come together when the threat of war is looming.  However, when issues that directly impact the livelihood of the people are at the forefront, there’s a standoff.  They stall.  Start pointing fingers.  They play politics and prevent necessary legislation from moving forward.  How comforting it is to know where our elected officials allegiance lies.
  7. No relationship, whether business or personal, can thrive without trust.

Until next time… Peace, Love, and Many Blessings!

~ BuddahDesmond

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Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 13

Image courtesy of the IISC Blog.

Greetings!  Hope everyone is well.  Here’s the latest batch of weekly musings on life, love, and politics:

  1. What’s on the surface can fool you… For it may be in stark contrast with what lies beneath.

  2. There’s a rare breed of folk who are unresponsive to “normal” methods of communication.  You have to get down to their level to truly reach them.  Sometimes this involves getting out of character, i.e. being overly aggressive, shouting, cussing, and carrying on…  In all honesty, isn’t it a shame if you have do all of this to reach common ground with others?

  3. Give people and things a chance.  Don’t be so quick to give up on them before they’ve had the opportunity to prove you wrong.  Let the judgment go.  Give in a little, you just might be surprised.

  4. If you can’t find the hero within, the chances are minimal that you’ll find the hero anywhere else.

  5. The heart is resilient.  It can overcome anything.  But not when we put roadblocks in its path to healing.  Release the pain and let your heart lead the way.

  6. A country can’t call itself “land of the free” when all of it’s people aren’t free.  A country’s failed itself and its people when conditions are put on human rights or when they are not granted or available to all.  Granting these rights to some but not all further perpetuates inequality, injustice, and inferiority, and blocks any chances of real progress.  

Until next time… Peace, Love, and Many Blessings, BuddahDesmond

    Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 12

    Image courtesty of Mandalas by Veeno

    It’s time for another helping of BuddahDesmond’s musings on life, love, and politics. Check ’em out!

    1. Don’t let the world of “NO” sway you on your way to the world of “YES.” The break you’ve been working towards, the opportunity you’ve been praying for, the chance to SHINE is coming! Hold on!

    2. There is a fire that burns inside of each of us. It’s passionate energy that we can wield in both positive and negative ways. Sometimes we forget about our fire…we forget about the greatness that lies within. And we lose sight of why we’re here, what we’re fighting for, and what we’re ultimately working towards. Don’t lose your fire. Be cognizant of it. Be mindful of it. Learn from it. Will it lovingly and admirably. As Sonia Sanchez says, “Catch the fire and burn with eyes that see our souls: WALKING. SINGING. BUILDING. LAUGHING. LEARNING. LOVING. TEACHING. BEING… Catch the fire…and live.” (Influences: Sonia Sanchez – Catch The Fire)

    3. Sometimes things are only complicated and complex because we make them that way. When this happens, it may be best to fall back, breathe, reassess, and look for ways to avoid fortuitous complications. At all costs—keep it simple!

    4. Only takes a few mini-scandals to divert attention from the real issues plaguing a nation. Depending on the severity, yestime and resources may be needed to rectify the matters related to a mini-scandal.  However, they also seem to give our officials unnecessary reasons to play politics, continue pointing fingers and drag their feet on major issues that they’ve been neglecting. As some will say, “Any excuse…”

    5. There’s nothing wrong with being meticulous. This trait can do wonders for us (and others) in many personal and professional situations. But this trait backfires when it begins to hinder our progress, especially when working with others. We have to know when it’s best to cut our losses and let things fall where they may. We must realize that we cannot afford to let ourselves be ruled or get carried away with the details (all the time). 

    6. When we pamper our passions they will be good to us. Just wait and see!

    Until next time… Peace, Love, and Many Blessings!

    ~ BuddahDesmond

      Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 11

      “Cracking the Harmony” courtesy of Exper Giovanni Rubaltelli

      Greetings!  It’s been several weeks since my last Weekly Musings update.  My apologies.  I was intending to get one up a little sooner but had to focus my energies on other projects.  But I’m at the point where a few of these musings have been marinating for awhile and they needed to be shared.  Some of them were inspired by a few episodes of Super Soul Sunday on OWN. 

      1. If your eyes are open, if your heart is open and warmlove is never too hard to find.  Even if your heart is cold, just a little love might be all you need to renew your faith.  Love is everywhere.  As Adriana Evans sang, “Love is all around.”

      2. When I think back to hearing the word “harmony,” the context (outside of music) usually involved unity amongst people or accord within the environment.  It was rare that harmony was ever mentioned when referring to the individual.  The focus was/is too often on being in harmony with everything outside of ourselves.  While this is important, harmony withina sense of tranquility, calm, and peaceis just as much if not more so important.  As Panache Desai said, “There is no greater power than to be in harmony within oneself.”  Cherish the harmony within as you would cherish your joy.  Stay in tune with it!

      3. I thought we lived in a free state.  Isn’t this the land where people come to live their lives the best way they see fit?  You know, the place where you can be anything and do anything?  The place where you are free to practice whatever religion you like without persecution?  A place where people of different political persuasions, race, gender, and sexual orientation can come together and live freely?  Each time I turn on the news, read the paper, or go online I feel the notion of this nation being a “free state” is the biggest farce known to man.  So much hate.  So much intolerance.  Forget acceptance.  Forget civility.  Forget unity.  Even tolerance is but a dream.  The ultimate pot stirrer is the abominable bond between religion and politics.  It’s a marriage in need of a long overdue divorce.  Maybe when religion and politics distance themselves the “free state” will return…

      4. Guaranteesare there any?  The one that always rings true is that there aren’t any guarantees in this life.  With every fleeting moment, hopefully we’re living our lives to the fullest extent.  Hopefully we’re honoring our spirits.  Hopefully we’re doing all that we can to make our souls smile, run, and jump with glee.  We owe it to ourselves to live our best lives.  If a moment comes when we find we aren’t being true to the essence of our being, then it’s time to turn the volume up.  This life is the only life we have.  So let’s LIVE IT OUT LOUD!

      5. The only validation a relationship needs is the validation of the two people who are in it.  When you truly love each other, it matters not what others say or think.  It’s what the unit thinks and feels.  While others may not agree with it or condone it, they must respect it. 

      6. Equality is when all members of society can enjoy the same rights and privileges without exceptions, exclusions, or conditions.  As Jill Scott said, “Equality does not equal equal if it’s not divided equally.” 

      Until next time… Peace, love, and many blessings!

      ~ BuddahDesmond

        Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 10

        It’s been a little while, but a new set of weekly musings is finally here! Check them out:

        1. Just when we’re thinking of or are at the point of giving up, something miraculous happens…A thought, idea, experience, action, or person inspires us to press on. And just like that, we resume our course–fighting harder than ever before.
        2. It amazes me how quickly misunderstandings arise.  Some of us are so quick to jump to conclusions long before we’ve allowed others to express themselves.  We disrespect others when we cut them off.  We can also make them feel as if we’re discrediting them and that their point of view holds no value or weight with us.  Active listening and thinking carefully before responding are so crucial when we communicate with each other.  It lessens the chances for misunderstandings and potential conflict.
        3. No one is beyond reproach. We tend to pump people up, especially leaders, public figures, celebrities, and even ourselves.  But no matter how good we are or whether we’ve been called the best at what we do, we aren’t too good to be critiqued.  If this was the case, we wouldn’t have performance appraisals or reviews at work.  We also know that as long as we as a race of beings exist, we will talk about and criticize others no matter what.  But there’s a time and a place for it.  And if we’re going to criticize others our criticism should be tactful, relevant, and helpful. (And as the saying goes–if you can dish it then you can take it.) 
        4. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and let others shine.  Can’t always be in control.  Never should we allow our egos to hold us or others captive.  Under no circumstances should we try to dim others’ light.  Everyone deserves a shot.  How else would we have made it thus far?
        5. Personal decisions are just that.  We should never feel like we have to explain ourselves to anyone.  If those who expect or feel as if we owe them an explanation are in no way impacted by our decisions, then they deserve absolutely NO explanation.

        Until next time… Peace, Love, and Many Blessings!

        ~ BuddahDesmond

        Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 9

        Greetings all!  It’s February (already).  Hope 2013 is going well for you so far.  If not, do all that you can to make it better.  On that note, let’s move right in to the latest weekly musings.

        1. There’s so much pride in knowing, recognizing, and celebrating where you come from.
        2. Knowing (and continuing to learn) your history can revitalize or reinvigorate your spirit, inspire you, motivate you, and influence your life’s path.
        3. Having a strong support system that builds you up and truly believes in you, especially when growing up, can have an overwhelming impact on your self-esteem, confidence, and drive to go after your dreams.
        4. You’re greater than your circumstances.  Don’t let your circumstances define you.  There is life, a better life, beyond your circumstances.  Once you realize this you can overcome anything.
        5. Never let the light inside of you die.  Let it shine.  Let it shine!
        6. We’re reflections of each other.  If we could love ourselves more we could love each other a lot more.  There’s no telling what the outlook of our lives and this world would be if we had more (real) love.

        Until next time…peace, love, and many blessings!

        ~ BuddahDesmond

        Weeky Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 8

        Greetings all! Here’s the latest round of weekly musings:

        1. It’s hard having faith in a system that’s broken.  Or if not completely broken, a system in need of major rehab.  While there may be people in positions working to fix the system, resistance, backbiting, partisanship, and corruption prevent change from taking shape.  One day… Just maybe one day this won’t be the case.
        2. I hope I never get to the point where my personal interests take precedence over all, especially when they are to the detriment of those around me.  Sometimes you need to take a step back and think about the short-term and long-term impact of what you do and the effects it may have on others. 
        3. When only you and those like you are winning, everyone else loses.  We can’t win when self-serving and party-serving interests take precedence over the needs and interests of the larger society.  Until we get back to “WE THE PEOPLE,” everything will fail.
        4. There’s an “unwritten” code or script in life that many of us follow.  Within this code or script lies expectations about the type of life we should live, how and where we get educated, the field of work we go into, who we love/marry, the type of community we live in, etc.  Now there’s nothing wrong with following this code/script…as long as it provides you with the life you truly want.  The big “Oops!” or “WTF!” moment for many of us comes when we realize that following the code/script hasn’t fulfilled us (at all).  A gaping, persistent void will figure prominently until we feed our souls what it’s been missing and revive the dreams that died on the way to PC, cookie cutter living.
        5. College isn’t for everyone.  Marriage isn’t for everyone.  Having children or parenting isn’t for everyone.  Corporate America isn’t for everyone.  Christianity isn’t for everyone.  Everything isn’t for everybody.  Just because it’s working for you doesn’t give you the right to force it on to others or expect everyone else to do as you do.  Just live and let be.
        6. Confidence is a light that shines through.  When it’s peaking, everyone can see it.  There’s a certain assurance and glow about you.  Everyone can see it, feel it when it’s dim too.  Oh, the difficulty trying to convince others of anything when you don’t have the confidence or belief in yourself. 
        7. You cannot fully embrace/accept the love you need/want or be able to successfully sustain any romantic relationships unless you truly love yourself.  The inability to love yourself makes it virtually impossible to love anyone else (at least in the way they need or deserve to be loved). 

        Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 7

        Here’s the latest weekly musings:

        1. Not sure there’s a harder sell than making others believe in something when you don’t believe in it yourself. Persuasion/buy-in often fails without conviction, confidence, and universal appeal.
        2. The more you accumulate in this life, the harder you’re going to have to work to maintain it.  So many of us are out here living lives we don’t want to live and working ourselves into an early dirt nap each day just to maintain things we don’t need. When our world suddenly changes and all these “things” we’ve accumulated go to the waysides, then what? “Things” don’t make us. But they will break us if we place more value in them than living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.
        3. There’s something about the simple life that becomes more and more appealing the older I get. I’m striving for it. A simple life doesn’t mean a boring life. It means living within your means. It means striving for a stress-free/drama-free life. It means living to truly love yourself and not looking for value and esteem in superficial and materialistic things. The simple life means being happy and content. It means counting on your joy through it all and having success on your own terms. The simple life means balance.
        4. Change is inevitable. There’s nothing any of us can do to stop change. We may be able to place roadblocks in its way or try to prolong the shelf-life of the traditional ways of yesteryear. But change will eventually take shape and form just the way destiny intended. Governing bodies, institutions, organizations and people have all been forced to change with the times. Our modern world is no different. Embrace it!
        5. Maybe some, not all, of us forget that celebrities and public officials are human too. They’re everyday people with more high-profile occupations. Putting the obvious differences aside, they have the same basic needs as us and often experience the same things we do. (Don’t let the “celebrity life” fool you into thinking otherwise.) So it makes no sense that we put them on pedestals so high even they can’t compete with themselves. And then we want to shame, blaspheme, and condemn them when they do things that we don’t agree with. Our society gets kicks out of building people up and tearing them down. Just think about how it would feel if their shoes were on our feet.
        6. I imagine if love were a tangible commodity that it would sell out each time it hit the shelves. Marketing campaigns would be out of this world. Businesses would face fierce competition year after year, as the industry and consumers would determine who creates and sells love the best. I figure love as a commodity would always be trendy, never going out of style. Because it’s something everybody wants. Sadly, we fail to realize that love is always in our midst.

        Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics – Week 6

        Let’s get right to it…the latest weekly musings!

        1. While there are times when we won’t always be up and happy, it’s during the times we’re down when we should empower ourselves with hope. If we can’t find it within ourselves, look to the inspirational and uplifting journeys of others who made it through. This may be just what we need to hold fast and securely to our hope.
        2. When our elected officials are unable to compromise on bills that impact the very people they represent and they let their personal interests impact their ability to fight for what’s right, you have to wonder who they’re really standing for? Do they forget why they’re in office? Do they forget they stand for all and not just the people and organizations they keep in their back pockets?
        3. I have to admit that I’ve often been caught off guard and amazed by the level of hatred, intolerance, and ignorance expressed in comments to political news articles in the weeks following the election. I probably shouldn’t be. But one thing’s for surethis nation is not as progressive as it’s oft proclaimed.  There’s still a long, LONG way to go.
        4. Loving someone is easy. Maintaining a relationship with themnot so much. What should keep the relationship strong are the very things which brought you together. This, along with the desire and willingness to see the relationship (and each other) prosper and grow.
        5. Sometimes we have to ask people what they want (outright). Forget the guessing games. If we were mind readers we’d be in a different realm. We’re able to proceed confidently when we all have an understanding of the purpose and mission of why we’re here. Otherwise it’s bullshit.  When time and money are at stake, bullshit deserves no seat at the table. Unless it’s a bullshit convention, bullshit should never be allowed a seat at any table.
        6. It’s a shame (for others) when you do your best to give people what they want (and then some) and it’s still not good enough.  No matter how good it is they’re never satisfied. What strength and fortitude it takes to deal with this on a regular basis (especially if it’s at work or at home). Realize it’s not always you, sometimes (or a lot of times) it’s them. Just don’t let it ruin your confidence or self-esteem. Don’t let it change you. Don’t let it stress you out. It’s all part of the process of learning how to work and deal with people.

        Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Poltics – Week 5

        My apologies for the delay, but here are the latest weekly musings:

        1. If you lose the battle, always remember to bow out gracefully.  Don’t continue talking trash in your defeat.  It will only cast a dark(er) light on your character.  May even make your supporters question why they ever rooted for you.
        2. Laughter is an infectious tonic that can bring light to any situation.  It’s one of the Creator’s natural cures.  Try it.  You’ll feel so much better.
        3. While it can be hard maintaining a positive outlook, even when everything around you is suggesting otherwise, you’ll be better for it.  Believe it.  The power of positivity (and faith) will help you conquer ANYTHING!
        4. Our relationships give back what we put in them.  It may be easy to blame our partners for what we aren’t getting, but remember relationships are joint ventures.  We always have to check ourselves first before we have the audacity to check our partners.
        5. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are everyday, not just on the days specified by the calendar.  We sometimes break our necks to go out of our way on these particular days to show our families and friends how much we love and care for them.  Some could say it’s a bit foolish.  We should strive to show our loved ones what they mean to us every day of the year, not just on holidays and special occasions.
        6. Instead of waiting until New Year’s, maybe we should try making changes, resolutions, and setting goals on our birthdays.  What better day to commit to life changes than on the anniversary our birth?

        Until next time, enjoy your week!