Day 3: Lady GaGa’s Latest – "Bad Romance"

Lady GaGa gets more and more intriguing with every release.  I recently saw the video for her latest single, “Bad Romance.”  While I don’t care for the song (even after several listens), I thoroughly enjoyed the video.  She’s a very creative artist who seems to take what she does seriously.   GaGa knows how to get everyone talking with her brand of performance art.  The bold imagery, the haute couture, the intricate choreography, the outlandish, wild wigs and hairpieces, in-your-face attitude, and the unique lyrical content, style and sound of the music – it keeps you glued to the screen.  Her videos and performances seem to be more extraordinary than the music (for example, her video for “Paparazzi” and the performance of the same song on this year’s MTV Video Music Awards).  She’s stepping out ahead of the class. And if she continues to push the boundaries (like many of those before her) and push herself creatively, the masses will continue to flock to her and follow her.  What’s your take?