The Power Of Your Words (from Prevail)

You’ve got the power to influence the masses;
You’ve got the power to make change.
You’ve got the power to make a difference in someone’s life,
So don’t underestimate the power of your words.

Someone is always listening;
You’ve got to be responsible for what you put out there.
People are looking up to you.
They admire you,
Respect you,
Want to be just like you.
So encourage them,
Inspire them,
Uplift them,
‘Cause if anyone’s gotta take it to the street,
It better be for a damn good reason.

Set an example,
And never underestimate the power of your words.       

© 2012 BuddahDesmond

Prevail: Poems on Life, Love, and Politics is available at iUniverse, Amazon (Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle), Barnes & Noble, Book-A-Million (Paperback | Hardcover), and other retailers.    

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Day 83: Can’t Make You Try

You can’t even give a little bit.
You won’t even try.
You fail to do anything that you think is going to challenge your ego.
You’re afraid of compromise for fear of losing yourself.
God forbid you should ever have to change.
But compromise is the key to keeping the scales in relationships balanced.
You can’t be the tyrannical controller and think you won’t get checked,
or think that I’m just supposed to go along with it.

You shouldn’t have to brand yourself differently to make our relationship work.
We have to accept each other as we are;
Else, our problems are much larger than we both can see.
I’m willing to make it work,

But if you aren’t—there’s nothing I can do to make you save our union.
It’s better to be selfish when you’re alone.
And we both know we can do better than that.

So if by now you haven’t changed your mind,
then consider these parting words:
Can’t deny I won’t be sad,
but I’ll get over it; 
and you will too.
I’ll just wish you well
And I sincerely hope and pray that you find whatever you’ve been looking for
Cause it obviously isn’t with me.

Day 20: So-called Communication

Doesn’t seem to be many of us around who are interested in or care to really communicate anymore.  So much is misunderstood, misconstrued, and taken out or put in the wrong context.  If we thought before we spoke (or wrote), did our research, went straight to the source instead of making assumptions and passing judgment, and asked the right people the right questions – so much bullshit would be eliminated.

Day 18: Talking Shit

People will always have shit to say.  It’s part of the human makeup.  Unfortunately, the things people say tend to be more on the illogical, biased, ignorant, or negative side.  But when there’s a problem or an issue that needs to be addressed, if you’re not bringing anything relevant or constructive to the table – do everyone else a favor & shut the fuck up!

Buddah’s Question

With the advent of blogging, microblogging (i.e. Twitter), and social networking sites, the way in which we communicate with each other continues to change. My question is – have these tools helped you create or sustain connections with people? Have these tools heightened your ability to stay in touch or pull back from your peers? And have they opened the door for several opportunities to reach or communicate with people who you might not otherwise? Let me know your thoughts.

Hope you all have a great week! Peace!

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