Back At School – My Summer is Over

So sad to see it go. My summer break is over. And what a summer it was! I’m now back at school in NY. Wasn’t really looking forward to coming back. But being as though it’s my last year, why stop now? I’m actually back two weeks early. I have to start training for my graduate assistantship this upcoming week. I’ll be working in my school’s community service center. I’m really looking forward to it. After being a lab assistant in the multimedia labs last school year, this should be quite different. It’ll be much more involved, more interactive, and I’m sure I’ll have more than enough to do to keep me busy. The week following training I may have to help out with new student orientation. And on September 5th, classes begin. Yes, classes begin on Labor Day. So while everyone else enjoys BBQs and other celebrations, we’ll have homework. But I’m quite sure some of the students will come to class (and work) under the influence of something anyway.

So goodbye summer. Amidst the family drama (and it seems like there’s always some family drama every summer), the time was still well spent. I had the opportunity to intern at a top-rated news organization. While working, I had the opportunity to produce a story for a news magazine show and complete several projects for their IT department. This definitely was one of the most interesting, stimulating and fun working experiences I’ve had up to this point. I learned so much. I’ve grown. I had the opportunity to meet and work with so many dynamic, intelligent and talented people. I have a strong feeling that many of the people I’ve met and worked with will be lifelong friends as well. I also started my blog (finally). I wrote about 40 new poems and creative prose pieces. Additionally, I got word that some of my poetry may be featured in an upcoming anthology (more on this if and when everything is finalized). Got to hang out with and speak with new and old friends. I couldn’t ask for too much more (except for the all the family drama to subside).

May the upcoming school year be fruitful and prosperous!

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