101 Days Project: Poetry & Prose

I think we’re truly blessed to have so many creative ways to express ourselves.  The catharsis that each creative method provides us is invaluable.  Writing has always been a reliable method (one of several) for me to address various situations in my life and the lives of others.  While the subject matter isn’t always pleasant, I try to find something positive about it.  And if I can laugh or joke about a situation or event long after it’s happened–I call that progress.  During my 101 Days Project, topics for my poetry and prose hav run the gamut–love, sex, heartbreak, freedom, and family (to name a few).  Check out some of my favorites:

  1. Day 94: The Ultimate
  2. Day 85: You’ve Got It Now (No Excuses)
  3. Day 83: Can’t Make You Try
  4. Day 82: Get Over It
  5. Day 68: The Comeback
  6. Day 65: Get Free
  7. Day 64: The Good Ole Days
  8. Day 61: We Need You
  9. Day 46: Without You
  10. Day 45: Whenever The Feeling Comes Along
  11. Day 44: Once Upon A Groove
  12. Day 43: Closure
  13. Day 39: OUT (Written in Honor of National Coming Out Day)
  14. Day 12: Poetry Spotlight – Not Anymore
  15. Day 11: Poetry Spotlight – Ain’t Worth It

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